Open Gym!

Parents: take a brake!

All parking, pick-ups, and drop-offs must be made at the rear of the building!

Friday:  7:30 - 9pm
Saturday:  7:30 - 9pm
Sunday:  5 - 6:30pm

Parents are required to stay with any child 8 years and under.  Wait in our viewing areas, or hang out in the gym with the little ones!
Drop-offs are welcome for everyone 9 years and older.  Please be on time for pick-up.
  • The cost of all Open Gyms is $8 per child.  Adults who are not working out are free.
  • Credit cards are accepted, but purchases must be made by an adult.
  • Open Gyms will be supervised by 2 staff members at all times.  Instruction will not be given.
  • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
    • We reserve the right to ask any child to leave on account of bad behavior without refund.